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I’ll Take $15 an Hour with a Side of Fries, Please

I don’t usually share my thoughts publicly on most matters, but this one really has me scratching my head. ..I can’t figure out why everyone is so upset about fast food workers earning $15 an hour. Hear me out. I’ve heard so many times that fast food workers shouldn’t be making more than our soldiers … Continue reading

Breastfeeding – the Good, the Bad and the Guilt

My son immediately latched on to me 30 minutes after being born via emergency c-section. It doesn’t get much better than that in the world of breastfeeding. Despite not getting the immediate skin to skin time I was so looking forward to, he nursed easily and never had any trouble. From the beginning, I was one of the … Continue reading

The Struggle is Real

The baby was sure peppy this morning after our night of fun. By the time he went down for his morning nap I was ready to heat my coffee back up that’s impossible to drink with a 6 month old that reaches for everything, chug said coffee and rummage for food since I keep forgetting … Continue reading

Maybe We Shouldn’t Rile the Baby Up at 3am

There’s nothing like a 3am crib party on a Tuesday night! The baby woke up crying at 2:30 am and after breastfeeding was wide awake! This doesn’t really happen to us that much, or ever really. So by the time he was pushing his face against the mesh bumper in his crib trying to look … Continue reading



This week’s photo challenge is ROY G. BIV! What a coincidence as Sunday night I was playing with my son in his nursery and looked out the window to see a rainbow! But as I couldn’t get a very good photo of it (at least one that I was satisfied with), I took this opportunity … Continue reading

beautiful moments

That Moment When…

Life is made up of little beautiful moments. And if your not careful, it’s easy to miss a lot of them. My goal is to take the time to notice every single one. Life is going by pretty fast. So here is a running list of my beautiful moments that I will be updating from … Continue reading

First Night in his Crib: Cue Water Works

My baby spent his first night in his crib last night. I was a mess. A blubbering mess. Weighing in at almost 17 lbs, I guess it was time. Ok, so it was overdue. The doctor at his 4 month appointment even said it was time. He was ready. I wasn’t. He has been sleeping … Continue reading

The End of Maternity Leave

I’m sitting here trying to eat my heartache away. I’m on my second bowl of a warmed up peanut butter chocolate chip cookie over chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. This is the last cookie and the last of the ice cream and it’s still not cutting it. When did I become a sad eater? … Continue reading

The Vaccination Debate: Why It’s So Scary

As parents, we always strive for the best for our children. We want them to be happy, bright, strong and healthy. And there are a million people and books and articles telling you how to do all of these things and, of course, all contradicting each other. So as parents, we are left to decide … Continue reading

Rocking the Mom Pajamas

Honestly, who wouldn’t wear pajamas every chance they got? I only get one maternity leave, and I am making the most of it with my baby…in our pajamas! And I know I’m not alone here moms. Am I right? The cozier the better…even if that means hideous (which it usually does). But in all seriousness, … Continue reading


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